What You Should Be Doing With Your Traffic

There are two things you absolutely need to be doing if you are using paid traffic. Failing to do these will cost you a lot of wasted time, and ad-spend. Here they are:

  • Always pre-qualify your traffic

What does that mean? Make sure the traffic you are trying to send to your offer knows what to expect, and understands exactly what you want them to do.

In other words, if you are sending traffic to a product that they will need to pay for, let them know that up front. Also let them know how much it is. That way you will rule out freebie-seekers, and those who can’t afford what it is you are trying to sell. Yes, this will reduce your clicks but those that do click (and cost you money for doing so) will be much more likely to actually be interested in what you are trying to sell.

  • Send your clicks to a landing page first

Why? Surely that is going to complicate the process isn’t it. Not really. You are still going to send them to your offer but first you want to try to capture their contact details (email address as a minimum). This way, you can advertise to them again and again for no additional cost (except the cost of your email service provider) through email marketing.

Although this adds an extra step to the sales process, if you offer them something free in exchange for it, they are likely to not mind so much. With this approach you need to make the process as easy as possible. You could offer the free product as a middle step in the process. Give them the option to say no and just go to the original offer without providing their email in exchange for something and you haven’t really lost anything if that is the path they choose have you.

People like free though, so many will likely take you up on your free offer, and then you just send them straight to the original offer once they enter their details. You will send the free offer to their email address they provided you with separately.

This process is called “list building”, and you can find out more about it here.


The Best Paid Traffic Sources

3 types of paid traffic really stand out right now, as explained in the video. They are:

  1. Solo Ads
  2. Facebook paid ads
  3. Google ads

Solo Ads

These are ads that you send to other people’s email lists. You find a seller that is willing to email your offer to their list. In return, you pay the seller a set price for every click your offer receives.

It is extremely important to do your homework when using this method. There are a lot of good sellers out there but there are also a lot of people who will take your money and run, or just send rubbish traffic to your offer with no chance of conversions at all.

I recommend you join a Facebook group called Soloadstestimonials if you are thinking about using this method.

Facebook Ads

Make sure you know your target audience if you are going to use this. It is really easy to waste a lot of money trying to get this right. You need to try to put yourself into the mind of your ideal buyer. What do they want? What problems are they having? What are they interested in?

A good tip is to look for people who follow top people in your chosen niche. So target people by relevant age, gender, and interest depending on what you are promoting. Don’t try to sell male shaving products to 10 year old girls for instance 🙂

Another good tip is to look for an audience that is interested in publications to do with your niche. So if you are trying to sell boxing gloves, target people who subscribe to, or are interested in boxing magazines for example.

Google ads

The most popular advertising platform. Also difficult to get right but once you do, the traffic is almost endless (as long as you can pay for it). As with Facebook, it is important to get your audience demographics right. You need to test, tweak, and test some more.

This is why it is very important to pre-qualify your potential ‘clicks’ so you don’t throw money away on people who are quite simply not interested in, or willing (or able) to pay for what you are selling.

Do your homework before you start using paid traffic but once you master it, the sky is the limit as far as visitor numbers go. There is a saying “you do not have a traffic problem, you have a conversion problem”. In other words, the traffic is there already. You just need to be able to make a profit from it greater than the amount you pay for that traffic.


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