whispering AngelMost people are drawn to Internet Marketing because they think it is easy. It must be…that’s what all the sales letters say. How can all those experts be wrong? Surely they can’t be lying to me. They wouldn’t…would they?

Time for a reality check amigo…

Here are 7 things your Mom never told you about Internet Marketing.

  • It takes work. Yep…I said it. That four-letter word – work. Making a living online is not a ‘work 5 minutes a day and count your money in the morning’ type of deal. Not at first anyway. It will take a lot of work on your part to get even remotely close to that kind of lifestyle. Sorry, but that’s a fact Jack.


  • There is no such thing as ‘Get Rich Quick’. Adding to the point above, don’t think you are going to make job-replacing income overnight. Sure, there may be some people who have managed to pull off this super-human feat, or so they say…but it probably will not happen for you that way. Instead, you will probably see sporadic income at first, while you ‘learn the ropes’, and it will gradually become more consistent as you progress IF you stat the course, and put in the work to make that happen.


  • There are sharks in the water. You can take that to mean several things. There are those who will feed off your lack of knowledge and enthusiasm in the beginning, promising you the dream lifestyle if you follow their latest offering. Now, it would be unfair to say all product creators are the same…there are some excellent courses out there. Just be careful and do some research first before you decide to jump in the water. There are also those who will outright steal your ideas…if you let them. A common problem for product creators is having their paid training swiped and offered for free on so-called ‘Black Hat’ sites. Protect yourself at all times with the appropriate copyright notices and track down and challenge offenders. As a buyer, you should never get anything from these sites. It does a disservice to the person who put in a lot of time and effort to create their courses. Don’t become one of the sharks. Also, always cloak your affiliate links if you are into promoting other people’s products for a commission. There are those who will use your promoting efforts for their own gain. I am not sure how this works exactly but I do know it happens. Use link shorteners at the very least (like bitly or prettylinks).


  • It is not as easy as you may have been led to believe. If it was, everybody would be doing the Internet Marketing thing. Regardless of what you read on sales pages, actually making even one sale requires work. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of people who are successful at internet marketing. Screenshots of daily commissions are great (and some are actually real, if you get my drift) but they don’t usually tell you all the testing, tweaking, trial and error that went on before those payments started to roll in.


  • You will need to spend some money sooner or later. Yep, we all think we can ‘bootstrap’ our way to success. After all, there are always free ways to do things. Reality is, you may be able to go this way at first but progress will be painfully slow. At some point you are going to need to invest in training, a coach, software to automate things, hosing, domain name registration, autoresponder subscription, and more. As the saying goes, there aint no such thing as a free ride.


  • You can’t go it alone. At some point, you are going to run across something you need help with. If you want to be successful in this game, you need to connect with like minded people. Help them and they will help you when you need it. You will need to partner with others, such as affiliates to promote your offers if and when you create them, if you want to get maximum return for your efforts. You will need to share content, your own, and other people’s, if you want to increase your traffic. There are so many reasons to work with others that I can’t list them all here. Just be willing to give without expecting anything in return, and you will be surprised what happens (hint…it’s good).


  • There is no ‘best way’ to make money online. There are so many different ways to earn, and each one of us is in a different situation. What suits you, and your talents may not suit me, or anyone else. You may be particularly good at creating graphics for instance. I am not. That is a strength that you can leverage. It would not work for me. Figure out what you enjoy, are good at, and can monetize, and go with that.


Sorry if this all sounds a bit ‘doom and gloom’ but I wanted to give you some idea of what you can expect to come up against in this line of work. Don’t let the fact that this might actually take some effort put you off. Keep plugging away and the dream will become a reality. It may take a few months, it may take a couple of years. That all depends on you, and the work you put in. There are easier ways of doing some things, and there are things that can only happen by putting in the right foundations. What is important to understand is that this does work. There is proof of that all over the internet. Just be realistic about what it takes to get there. Do some research. Learn the skills necessary for your chosen method. Finally, take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

If you are still brave enough to take on the challenge that this line of work presents, you may want to download my Internet Marketing Quick Start Kit. It is free, it is all actionable stuff you can put into use right now, today, and it will probably help you get a lot closer to your dream of living the laptop lifestyle than trying to ‘go-it-alone’.

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