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Hi there! My name is Kevin Everett and I am from the UK. I have been dabbling in Internet Marketing for about 6 years now and have picked up some interesting tips and techniques along the way. I have never really taken the time to get serious with the idea of earning a full time income on-line until recently.

As I got older (almost 50 now), I realised slowly that concentrating on my career as a manager for a logistics company was not a particularly good way to secure my financial freedom for when I reach retirement age. I now understand that working for somebody else is not going to make me financially independent. The only way to do that is to work for myself.

So I came to a decision to put to use what I have learned over the past few years, and turn what is essentially a hobby into a way of becoming financially independent, and free myself from the rat-race in the process.

I invite you to follow my journey, copy what I do, and learn from my successes and mistakes. There is no reason why you too cannot become financially independent. All you have to do is apply the techniques I will show you here.

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Before I go, let me just thank you for visiting the site. Please look around and keep coming back as fresh content will be added regularly.

Best of luck in your journey to financial freedom.