Make Money On-line Techniques I Have Tried That Did Not Work For Me

Sad Face

  • Drop Shipping – My first attempt at making money on-line was by setting up an e-commerce store through a drop-shipping company. I have to say without a doubt, this was a big waste of time and money. I did manage to make a couple of sales. I did not make a profit though, as I had to price the products so low in order to compete with the likes of eBay that I actually made a loss…I was paying the drop-shipping company more than I could sell for. My Verdict…STAY CLEAR of this business model unless you want to throw money away on hosting, membership fees, selling fees and so on…like I did.


  • Fitness blog – The idea here was to start a fitness blog selling affiliate products. I set it all up, wrote a few articles and posted on a few article directories. I did start to get a small amount of traffic but no opt-ins,, and no clicks through to the affiliate offers. I decided to go the Pay Per Click route to get more traffic. This did start to get some traffic to the blog, but then Google stepped in and suspended my account. The reason they gave was that I had too many affiliate links on my site, and was trying to get people to sign up to my e-mail list which was against their terms of service. After making the suggested changes, I decided there was no point in paying for traffic if my business model was going to be dictated to me by a third party. That was the end of that…


  • Importing products from China to sell on eBay – This one actually worked. I made a small profit. The problem was, there was a lot of work involved in finding suppliers, checking out competing products and pricing to see if I could compete, and make a profit,waiting for the products to arrive, then countless trips to the Post Office to ship the sold items. I suppose this model is one that actually is capable of being a good earner. There is a lot of work involved, you will get much better prices if you import bigger quantities than I could afford. The down-side is…you must know what the import duty laws are in your country. You definitely do not want to fall foul of the Tax Man. Any taxes need to be factored into the total cost of goods. his is a sustainable business model if you are willing to put in the work (and have some money to get started). For me though, with work, and the small profit margin, I decided it was not a good enough return on my time.


  • A couple more blogs later – Same old story, trying to drive traffic was very time consuming, and trying to see any return through selling affiliate products was not happening. I decided I did not know enough about this method to carry on. So…


  • Enter the PUSH BUTTON SOFTWARE – I started searching for the easy option…instant riches, and instant return on investment. Easy prey for all the ‘One-Click and Done’ software sellers out there! Let me give you one piece of advice, if you do not mind…DO NOT BELIEVE THE B.S. Anyone who tells you all you have to do is buy their software, click a couple of buttons, and the money will start pouring in is…well…lying to you! If it was that easy, everybody would have caught on, and would be doing it. There would be no need for anything else, would there? No…tried that, no joy there. Back to the drawing board.


  • Knowledge is power – I started to study what other people were doing. I signed up to many e-mail lists. I wanted to see what they were doing. I bought loads of their affiliate products, in the hopes of learning what they knew. What happened was I started chasing every new method of making money on-line. Jumping from one thing to the next…without even trying most of the methods I had paid for! This, my friends, is called ‘SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME‘. Perhaps you have heard of it before…oooh, that looks good, I will try that, oh wait, this looks even better, I will give that a go, no…wait, this new one is surely going to work…hold on, this guy  is selling something that I can use with what I bought off this other guy last week, why not try that? And on it goes, hundreds of Dollars later and guess what…nothing done. I am no further than when I started ‘learning‘.

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