List Building Is The Way Forward

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For years now I have read many times that the money is in the list. I always thought this was true but never realised just how powerful an e-mail list can be.

If you think about it, one of the biggest problems people have trying to make a living on-line is getting traffic to their website or offer. Just ask anyone new to internet marketing what they struggle with most and the answer will invariably be “getting more traffic”.

There is of course no shortage of traffic on the internet. The real problem is directing that traffic to where you want it to go. Well, with an e-mail subscriber list, this is exactly what you can do. You can simply send an e-mail that offers value to the subscriber and point them to where you want them to go via a link.

Sounds simple yes? Not so fast amigo! Having a list is no good if nobody opens your messages. so how do you get that to happen I hear you ask. Well, I will tell you…

  • Build a relationship with your subscribers by…
  • Providing real value by…
  • Helping your subscribers solve a problem they are having.

Sounds complicated right? Well, it does not have to be. Simply ask what problems they are having and then provide a solution. How? Use a survey and then segment your list based on the responses. Why? So you do not provide the wrong solutions to the wrong subscribers.

This may seem a bit advanced right now, but come back and check the posts on the home page for ways to accomplish this, and much more.

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