Follow me as I  start to make a full time living on-line.

It is time to fire the boss!

I am sick of giving my time away to make someone else rich. Time cannot be replaced, and we only get so much of it… so why not use my given time to make a better life for me and my family.

I have been dabbling in the internet marketing/make money on-line business for a few years now (probably about 6 years). See what I tried HERE

I have never really gone all out to make this work because…you guessed it…I was always too busy working!

Well, all that stops now!

It is time to do this thing right…

So, I invite you to follow me each step of the way as I finally break free of the rat race…

Watch as I set up an on-line business that will give me the freedom to finally sack the boss.

Yeah…I will screw up sometimes. Other times I will discover things that actually work, and build on them.

diving in the deep end

So…sit back and enjoy the ride as I dive into the ‘deep end’ of the world of making money on-line.