Email list goal setting imageA list building case study

I am setting myself a goal of taking a brand new Email subscriber list from zero to 1000 subscribers as fast as I can. For some of you, this may be child’s play. This isn’t for you. This case study is for those who are struggling to build a subscriber list, and want to see first hand what it takes to do this.

Now, I do not claim to be an expert in list building. There are many experts in this field already who are far better at this than I am. What I believe though, is that what works for one person may not necessarily be transferable to another. We each have different situations, budgets, time available, and preferred ways of getting traffic.

I am not going to try just one thing during this challenge. I will try several different things to see how they work for me. I plan to document every step as I go. Maybe you can pick up something helpful along the way. Make sure to keep coming back for the updates as I go.

Why am I setting myself this challenge? Well, I understand the importance of having a ready-made traffic source available to me. That is what an Email list is, in my opinion. Whenever I want to send traffic to something on my blog, it would be great to only have to send an Email to my list in order to get visitors. Definitely beats trying to make myself stand out above the crowded search results, or the many social media posts and updates people see every day.

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You see, with a subscriber list, I have a ‘captive’ audience. No, I don’t mean like…locked in a basement or anything. What I mean is, I have their full attention if they choose to open my message. I am not competing with anyone else at that moment in time. Every time I have something interesting to show them, or something that could help (even if it is not free), I can get my followers attention just by sending them an Email.

It doesn’t matter how much competition exists anywhere else. When you have an Email list, you have an audience.

How am I going to go about this challenge? I am going to try both free, and paid methods. I am going to use social media, PPC ads, YouTube videos, and anything else that I come across that may work.

I am going to post an update every week (haven’t decided what day yet) with statistics. I may post whenever I get a breakthrough, or when I find out something is not working out well.

If you do not want to miss anything, just join my list because I will be sending out a newsletter Email every time I update. You can sign up below, or on the right side of the page. Just enter your Email address (you get some cool freebies too).

Watch out for the first update on what is going to be a real, behind the scenes case study for list building.


Update: 30/09/2016

This is the first method I am going to try. It has taken a little bit of research to make sure I stay all legal, and don’t violate any terms of use.

What is it? I am going to use a free draw, with the prize being up to $50 worth of training products as a lead magnet. Now, if you don’t already know, a lead magnet is an ‘enticement’ for people to subscribe to your Email list.

Instead of offering the usual things, like free reports, free training videos, and so on, I decided to actually give back to my subscribers in the form of something they can actually use in their own personal situation.

There is an important point to this method. I do not know where my potential subscribers are in their online business journey. I do not know what they want to learn about. How can I, I don’t know each and every one of my subscribers personally. That is why I have decided to let the lucky winner each month choose their own products. This way, they can actually get something they need right now.

Anyway, this first method is going to start on 01/10/2016, with the first winner drawn on 01/11/2016. Depending on how many subscribers I get, the winner can get up to $50 worth of training products paid for by me.

If you are interested in entering this yourself, just follow the link below to enter. It is free, and it is a real way for me to give back to my subscribers in a way that should really benefit them.

Go here to enter


Update 14/10/2106

I have now tested out two different paid traffic methods with completely different results. The first method was using Bing ads. I followed a great, inexpensive training product on how to use Bing Ads from one of the top marketers about at the moment. I got leads easily enough but I am now working on reducing the cost per sign-up, as detailed in the training.

The second method I used was not productive. I have got leads from this source before but not this time. I figured out, after some reflection on why this happened, that the offer was wrong for that particular audience. The audience using this traffic source want to learn how to make easy, quick money online, not enter free draws with the possibility of winning training products. If I were to put a paid product in front of this audience promising this, I am sure that I could get returns on my investment. I am not going to do that though, because I do not believe in this approach. Anyone who tells you that you can make money for doing next to nothing is most likely not telling you the whole truth. I refuse to go down that road. What I will do is report on my personal results as I continue to figure this whole thing out. Hopefully this will help you on your journey too.

Update…this experiment was terminated by me as it was not found to be effective at getting responsive subscribers.

There will be further updates as I try other methods of building my subscriber audience.


Til next time, take care.