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 How To Use Authority Sites To Boost Your Free Traffic


This video is especially important because it is talking about traffic, and without traffic you have nothing. You can have the best content in the world and the best offers but if nobody sees them they might as well not even exist.

I want to share with you how you can easily increase your traffic quite substantially for free.

The first step of the free strategy is to do a Google search for a free tool called Google Alerts. Just go into your google search engine and then type out “google alerts” and it will be the first result you see.

The whole goal with this free traffic strategy is to find websites on the internet that already have an audience in your niche, and then take those visitors and siphon them back to your content.

To clarify, my site has lots of content about how to make a living online, and offers lots of marketing information. It has an audience of make money online visitors so the whole goal here is to leave comments or start conversations on the target blog that are going to get visitors back to my blog.

Now there would, at first, appear to be two problems with this strategy. First of all, the traffic numbers that you’re going to get from blog comments are a lot lower than other traffic methods. This is not really a problem though; the reality is it takes a lot less time to create a blog comment than it does to create an entire blog post.

So the whole goal here is to start a lot of conversations on a lot of different websites that have the niche audience that we’re looking for.

So, that first ‘problem’ is not really such a big deal when you do this on a large scale.

The second ‘problem’ is how to find all these websites that are going to have relevant content and an interested target audience, which is ready to be connected with and sent back to our site.

Well, in reality, that is actually quite difficult to do, and that’s where Google Alerts is going to come into play. This free tool is going to provide us with the websites that have our audiences already present, without us having to waste time searching around the internet.

This whole strategy is called ‘conversation marketing’, and it’s done a lot more efficiently and easily with a tool like Google Alerts.

The way Google Alerts works is that you enter in what you want to be alerted about on the internet. So, if you are in the make money online space like me, you’re going to want to pick keywords that you can actually enter into a conversation about, and get visitors back to your website.

So for my blog, for example, I can ask to be alerted about list building, creating a website, or blog, getting more traffic, affiliate marketing, and so on.

The way this service works is that after you’ve filled out all your target keywords, Google is going to send you an email every time there is a high quality source that includes the keywords that you have set up alerts for.

Now the really cool thing about this  is that Google Alerts is only going to notify you if the source is a high enough authority, which means that you can really maximize the efficiency of your time.

In other words, if websites are found which include your chosen keywords but they don’t have a big enough audience, Google is not even going to tell you about it.

On the other hand, if there is a source with quite a substantial audience, which is in your niche, that’s talking about one of the keywords that you care about, Google is going to let you know and give you an opportunity to go to that website.

Then you enter a blog comment, and link back to your site. This only takes a minute or so to do so the time that you invest in conversation marketing is definitely worthwhile.

The emails you will receive from Google Alerts will also give you the keyword that the alert is based on. This means you can quickly scan your emails and pick out the ones that interest you right now.

Not only can this method get you a good link back to your content, it can also get a good amount of traffic from this source to your YouTube videos, or blog articles, or whatever it is that you’re marketing with this traffic strategy.

Conversation marketing really works if you are consistent with it. It is a great way to get a ton of visitors to your stuff, especially if you maximize the efficiency of your time.

(adapted from: Brendan Mace at YouTube and



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