What I want you to do is go to Google right now and search for anything you want.


Now look at the top of the page above the search results.

What do you see?


That’s right, you should see several tabs that say ‘All, Images, News, Videos, Books, More’.

Well, did you know that you can submit your blog posts to more than just the general ‘All’ part of Google’s search engine?


That’s right, you can submit your posts to the ‘News’ part of Google…but, you need to meet some specific guidelines to get accepted.


Here’s a fun fact for you…

Google ‘News’ gets 6 BILLION clicks per month! Yeah, that’s billion with…I dunno…a whole bunch of zeros 🙂


Imagine being able to get just a small fraction of those clicks to YOUR blog post promoting something where you get to earn a commission from the sale.


Or, you could structure the blog post to get people to sign up to your email list…


Or…well, you get the idea.


How would you like to see results like these…






Or these…





Or traffic like this…


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