Kam Fatz Cloud Money Review
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Cloud Money by Kam Jennings (aka Kam Fatz): an in-depth Review


“Cloud Money: A White Trash Guide to Producing Wealth on the Internet”


Strange title I know but don’t let that put you off. This is simply Kam’s way of letting you know he is just an ordinary guy who has learned how to do extraordinary things online.


What he does enables him to work for himself and support a family of four…on his income alone. Not only that, he can do it all from the comfort of his armchair, or his office should he choose to.

He has no boss, nobody to answer to except himself! That is what you call ‘being free from the rat-race’. He can choose when and where he does what he does…something most of us can only dream of.


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what he does that gives him this kind of freedom?

Well, read on because what you are about to discover will blow your socks off.


If there was ever a ‘secret’ to making this whole ‘make money online’ thing work…this is it:

Become a SELLER. That’s right…it is as simple as that.

If you want the freedom to work when and where you like, you need to be creating assets that you can sell. No magic, no instant push button riches…just create products that people want and sell them.


If you have been around this scene for even a short time, you already know others are doing this. You have likely bought many products yourself…trying to find ‘the answer’. That right there is as much proof as you need that this is a viable and realistic Business model.


So, without further delay, I will tell you what Cloud Money is…and how it can help you to become a SELLER and start enjoying the freedom of working when and where you want to.


Kam is offering to show you how to create digital assets (products) to sell to hungry buyers. He is going to do this through an 8 video interactive course. The delivery of this video training is unlike anything else I have seen before…in that it gives you the ability to ask questions and interact with other users as you go. That is a powerful difference from the normal way of doing things…and will raise your likelihood of finally succeeding in your quest for freedom.

If you are anything like me, you have probably tried many things and become demotivated when you run into a problem you can’t seem to get your head around. This unique course allows you to ask for help in solving those issues should you need to. A great insight from Kam to add this feature.


There are a couple of introductory videos then the goodness begins:


The videos are called Chapters, and there are 8 in the training section of this ‘class’.


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  • Chapter 1 – lets you know how to get started. Here Kam outlines some of the problems people run into when trying to create products and what you can do about it. In essence, this is an overview of what Kam is going to do for you, and what you need to do to make the most of this training. The best bit…Kam is there to help you every step of the process.


  • Chapter 2 – how to figure out what people care about, and are willing to spend money for information on. No point wasting time creating a product about something people are not interested in but you are. This is about reducing your risk of failure. Nail this and you can’t help but make sales really.


  • Chapter 3 – this covers some product ideas…types of products you can create, how to create the product, and how to use the very same delivery platform Kam is using for this training.


  • Chapter 4 – how to deliver your newly created masterpiece to your now raving fans.


  • Chapter 5 – all about sales funnels and adding upsells to your offer. This is where the big bucks live folks! This is my favorite Chapter because it addresses and solves a sticking point for me personally…one that has stopped me from creating more than a couple of my own simple products to date.


  • Chapter 6 – all those pesky technical details covered PLUS how to build an audience. Awesome!!! There are actually 5 separate videos in this Chapter. Sales pages and graphics…you don’t scare me…not any more. Don’t know how to use Warrior Plus as a seller? Kam’s got ya covered there too. This is where many people get stuck and give up…the technical details can be scary but this set of videos will have you rolling along nicely in no time


  • Chapter 7 – you just created your offer and got it all set up ready to deliver right? Now all you need is to get it in front of people who are interested enough to buy it. That’s right, traffic is the name of the game in this penultimate Chapter. Get eyeballs on your ‘Buy Buttons’ and you just figured out another part of the puzzle that eludes so many newbies (and even experienced marketers too).


  • Chapter 8Cassie is a s**t. You need to check out the final lesson video to see what that is all about. Anyway, as a final little bit of goodness, Kam covers how to build on what you have built so far, how to take payments from customers if you don’t want to use Warrior Plus, and…drum-roll please…what to do with all those buyer email addresses you now have. This is a big income-booster that you simply cannot afford to ignore…email follow-up and marketing.


  • FAQ and Bonuses – 2 final sections to put some icing on the already delicious Cloud Money cake 🙂


Here’s my honest opinion of Cloud Money


This is an extremely thorough yet easy to follow training course on how to create and sell your own digital products. This is how a lot of the big players in the IM/MMO space make their living…and something that once mastered can easily give you the freedom to earn from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

If you are serious about ditching the 9 to 5 then learn how to do what is shown here. Kam is one of the best teachers on this subject that I have seen. I can also vouch for his honesty, integrity, and sheer unselfish desire to over-deliver and help as many people as he can.


If you want to listen to what Kam has to say, or you are ready to get started right now, click below to watch his video and pick it up. As usual, Kam has a few great surprises included too.


Go Check Out Cloud Money by Kam Fatz Here


Here’s to your success,