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Free Funnels

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Have you ever wanted to try something but worried about the cost involved?

I know I did when I first started out with my online business. I knew there were certain tools that I needed. I also knew that most of them cost money.

I was worried that I would have to keep spending money on tools like an Autoresponder, hosting service, landing page creator and so on.

I don’t mind spending money on my business because I see it as an investment…but if I am trying something out and learning how to do something, I would much rather be able to do that for free until I got good at it. Then I would be more comfortable spending money on tools because I will likely be able to at least cover the cost of them with my business earnings.

Who this is for?

If you are just starting out and not really that good at what you are doing yet, this is definitely for you. Instead of spending money every month for hosting, Autoresponder services, Landing page creators, and more, use free alternatives until you get good enough to cover the cost of paid services.

Who this is not for

If you are an experienced online marketer who already uses tons of paid tools but makes enough to cover the cost of those tools AND make a profit on top…then this is probably not for you.

I would sill check it out though because there may be things you can add to your business that will boost your earnings and you can try them out for nothing with the resources recommended by Kam in this training.

What is included?

Kam has included training on how to build a complete, earning sales funnel but how to do this with all free resources.

  • You get four video modules of training (about 2 1/2 hours) showing you exactly what to do and how to do it for free.


  • You get 2 Webinar training sessions (from a high-ticket course Kam sells) on how to use Facebook and YouTube in your funnel.


  • You get three bonus products from Kam plus a free Legal Pages software plugin (a must-have for affiliate marketing).


  • You get a downloadable PDF version of the training.


  • You get to join Kam’s Epic Conversions Private Mastermind Group on Facebook.


  • You get to learn from one of the best marketers online…and a very clever and knowledgeable one at that.


How much is it?

At the time of writing this the course has just been launched (June 30th 2017) and is on a Dime-Sale. That means the price rises with every sale.

Right now you can pick this up for $9.97.



I know Kam personally. I have spoken to him many times. I have many of his training products. He ALWAYS over-delivers on what he offers…and this is no exception.

If you are just starting out this is a definite must-have training course (because it teaches you WHAT to do and HOW to do it with no outlay).

If you are more experienced I would still check it out because there is some excellent training on sales funnels in general plus you might run across something you can add to your business model.

You can take a look at this here:


FREE FUNNELS by Kam Jennings


Here’s to your success,