Breakfast Embed 2 by Lee Murray – a Review


Breakfast Embed 2 by Lee MurrayI thought the first version of this was excellent…and would be hard to beat.

I was wrong!

I got the ‘Lite’ version of this a few days ago and I was totally blown away. The amount of detail in the videos on exactly what you need to do is unparalleled.

Lee launched the full version of this a couple of days ago and I decided to buy it.

Here is my receipt.

For obvious reasons I have blacked out some of the details but you can see I have purchased this and this review is based on what I have seen.


What Is It?

This is 19 videos jam-packed full of over-the-shoulder content showing you EXACTLY what you need to do and HOW to do it to make this a sustainable, evergreen source of income.

Not only that, you can do this in ANY niche or sub-niche you choose. You also get Breakfast Embed 2 Lite and the original version of Breakfast Embed included with this training.

There are upsells (of course) but you don’t need them to make this work for you (they will add massive power to this method though, so be sure to check them out carefully). In fact, you don’t need anything else other than the front end offer to make this work perfectly. With that being said, Lee does strongly suggest that you invest in some software tools to make this even easier to do…but they are not requirements.

I am not going to tell you exactly how this works because that is what Lee’s sales page is for. Rest assured though, this is unlike anything you have ever seen…even if you have the original version, this is much bigger and better.


How Easy Is This To Do?

If you can follow simple instructions then this is a breeze to get set up. You really only need to know how to set up a WordPress Blog and a couple of Social Media accounts. It’s as simple as that.

The videos walk you through everything you need to do step-by-step. There is no stone left unturned. Lee even tells you what you need to do each day, and at what point you can essentially walk away from this and generate income passively. You can then start another campaign and keep building from there.

Imagine having 4 or 5 of the BE2 campaigns running on autopilot generating consistent income every day. This really is every marketer’s dream…do the work once then reap the benefits forever. Very powerful freedom enabling stuff my friend. Do not underestimate the sheer power of what Lee is showing you here.


Is This For Experienced Marketers Only?

Absolutely not. In fact, if you are new to internet marketing you probably have an advantage. This is because you are not set in your ways yet like more experienced marketers may be. This is unlike anything you have seen before so it will be new to everyone, experienced or not.


Is This For Me?

If you want to sit back after doing a bit of work and enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come…yes it is!

If you expect to do nothing and get rich…no it is not.

This does involve some work on your part. Not a lot but you can’t expect to do nothing and get anywhere with anything in life can you?

Once you reach a specific point (which Lee explains to you) it is then possible to sit back and relax while the income flows in.

This is simple but extremely powerful, so if you can follow simple instructions, you are onto a winner.


Where Can I Get My Hands On This?


You can go and watch the video and check out the sales page Right Here


My Verdict

Absolutely fascinating method and unlike anything else out there…really!

This is a VERY powerful method that could give you the freedom you deserve IF you take action and DO it.

This gets my highest recommendation. Without doubt, this is Lee’s best product ever…so get it now while it is in launch and priced ridiculously low.

Click that link above and at least look at the best sales page I have ever seen. It is an education in itself…that is how to create a sales page. Truly outstanding copy Lee.


Here’s to your success,