List Synergy Trifecta ReviewList Synergy Trifecta by Lee Murray


Many of you may have heard of Lee Murray before.

If not, he is one of the best at what he does. His expertise has been sought out by beginners and experienced marketers for years.

The reason…he managed to make a name for himself in the internet marketing space while working from a Public Library using their internet while living in a homeless shelter. He achieved extraordinary success despite these challenges and now he teaches others (usually those who don’t face challenges like he did) how to achieve the same success.

If you want to know how to write copy that sells, build an email list fast, blog like a boss, and generally crush it online…Lee is the man to show you how.


What is List Synergy Trifecta?

Lee has taken three of his top-selling courses and bundled them together.

You get Shiny Object Lemonade (selling for $27 currently) – a course on how to turn your obsession for buying course after course into a profit by using what you do with it as blog content.

List Synergy (selling for $37 right now) – a video training course which teaches you basic and advanced email marketing techniques, as well as how to combine email marketing with blogging for BIG results.

Breakfast Embed (goes for $27 by itself) – one of my all-time favorites. This shows you how to quickly build massive content on your blog by leveraging other people’s work. What a time-saver and an excellent method for getting your affiliate links seen and clicked while saving you a ton of time.


That’s not all there is to this though!

Being the generous guy that he is, Lee has also added the video up-sell courses for both Shiny Object Lemonade AND Breakfast Embed into the deal as well. These sell for $47 EACH. Holy cow…there is some serious value going on here.

Does it end there? Oh no! Read on my friend.



Not being content with giving you 3 of his best training courses ever, two of his video up-sell courses, and more goodness than you can shake a stick at, Mr Murray decided to throw in some fantastic bonuses…just for good measure.

He has also included:

  • It’s All You Need – The main companion piece to “List Synergy,” this guide walks you through three distinct list building methods..
  • Down And Dirty List Building 2.0 – One of Lee’s most popular systems ever, this is for those of you who want all of the benefits of “List Synergy Trifecta…” But without all of the hassles associated with creating a lead magnet, thank you page, download page, or any of that jazz. This is SNEAKY AS HELL!
  • Cab Grab – C.A.B. stands for “churn and burn.” If you want to get started making quick affiliate commissions without doing any blogging… start here. But don’t STAY here. Ultimately, you want to employ “List Synergy Trifecta” to maximum effect. But for a quick hit of cash… Cab Grab!


Why should you get this?

Listen, making a living online is not an easy thing to do…despite what others may have you believe. If it was easy everybody would be doing it. But here is a guy who not only managed to achieve massive success doing what others can only dream about…he managed to do this while homeless and working out a Public Library.

Do you think Lee is a guy who knows how to get things done? Do you think he knows what he is talking about? I do. That is why I have every single one of the products included in this package (except I got them all separately for way more than you can here).

The fastest way to see results in online marketing is to copy what successful people do. Re-read that last sentence and understand what it is really saying (hint…what they do, not what they say you should do). Lee uses all of these methods himself to achieve extraordinary success.


How much is it and where can I get it?


Right now you can get your hands on this massive value package for the tiny sum of just $9.95

The price will rise on June 11th 2017 to $67 though so if you want to get it for less than 10 bucks you need to hurry.

Even at the higher price it is well worth it (there is well over $200 worth of training here, if you bought it all separately).

You can get this insanely valuable package right here.


What about the other offers available here?

I looked at some of the other parts of the offer…and I am amazed at just how much value you can get from this right now by looking at some of the other options Lee has added.

For example…

There is a package on top of the main training you can get that includes…The award-winning “Profit vs. Profit,” course, 21 DFY weight loss emails, 50 product packs, DFY funnel, and more!

A done for you funnel from a six figure marketer…are you kidding me! Surely there is no need to explain how that can help you see results without you having to mess with all the moving parts.

Then there is this – “Email Slick,” “Email Slick 2,” and all of Lee’s DFY emails (over 150). What else need I say? “Some of the finest email marketing tips, tricks, and DFY material this side of that other side” (to quote Lee).

He still isn’t done with the crazy value though. Oh no!

Here is what Lee has also just added to the mix…

“I custom create their funnel, write their lead magnet, write 10 follow-up emails loaded into their AR… and I send ’em buyer traffic!”

Riiight…so a six-figure marketing genius is going to create a sales funnel for you, use his exceptional copywriting skills to write you ten follow up emails AND load them to your autoresponder for you, AND he is going to send you BUYER TRAFFIC to your funnel!

Let me just read that again to make sure I haven’t gone mad.

Yep…that’s what he said.

I told you before…this man has lost his mind.

Now, the reason these packages are so valuable is the amount of time it is going to save you in getting from where you are now to where you want to be. This guy has been there, done that, and has the t-shirt. He really knows his business. And he’s going to let you leverage that expertise for your own results.

Of course, the main offer is absolutely incredibly valuable by itself…but I thought I would just mention some of the other offers available in this deal.

If you are anything like me, you probably just ignore any upsells when you buy something…

But I really think these are worth taking a look at this time. They are incredibly valuable and will save you so much time and work.

Worth checking out? Oh yes…they are.

You can check them all out right here


Thanks for taking the time to read this review and here’s to your success.

Drop me an email if you have any questions about this at [email protected]