Mark Laxton KFunnel Formula ReviewReview of Mark Laxton’s KFunnel Formula training

Drive Tons Of Consistent Free Targeted Traffic And Proven Buyers To Any Website Or Offer…

Using Kindle eBook Publishing.


I never really considered using what Mark teaches in this training because I simply did not see the potential in it.

Thanks to Mark that has all changed. There are so many reasons to do things the way he teaches that I can’t list them all here.

One thing I will say is there is one piece of information in here that is pure gold (hint: it involves how to get buyers onto your email list before you even finish writing your book…). This one paragraph in the PDF (page 18) makes this well worth the read in my opinion.

The video and audio versions are great too if you prefer to learn that way. Great stuff Mark and an excellent resource for anyone even remotely interested in this subject.


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Here are some of the benefits you will get from this…


Publishing Kindle books costs nothing so it’s all profit!

It doesn’t cost you anything and you can publish as many books as you like, so there’s no risk, no upfront costs unlike most businesses and you can even make sales without having to pay out for advertising. Depending on the price of your book Amazon keeps a percentage of each sale made. (this is all covered in the training)


There’s no limit to how much money you can make from publishing books on Amazon as well the money you can make from the other methods I discuss. People have made $Millions from book sales alone and remember this is a passive income, which means you can be making money even when your busy busy enjoying your free time.


Writing and publishing takes a little effort and time on your part but it’s certainly not hard work. Compared to most jobs it’s actually a lot easier, more enjoyable and can lead to a lot more money in your pocket and more time and freedom to enjoy it.


Here’s what you will learn how to do.


  • The Fastest Way To Publish Your Books On Amazon Kindle. Within hours from now you can have your books live and selling on Amazon so you can start making money right away.


  • How To Sell More Books. Outrank your competition and maximize your book sales. More sales for you means more money in your bank.


  • How To Turn A $2.99 Book Into A $50-$100+ Per Month. The secret to selling Kindle books that lead to a passive recurring monthly income.


  • How To Build An Email List Of Targeted Buyers. Say goodbye to ‘Freebie Seekers!’ Use Amazon to quickly build a huge email list of ‘buyers’ who buy from you again and again.


  • How To Use Amazon To Drive Tons Of Free Traffic. Let Amazon to do your marketing for you and drive tons of free traffic to any website or offer.


How much?

Right now at the time of writing this review you can get this little gem of a course for $7. This is a steal in my opinion. There is a lot of very high quality training here on a subject that a lot of marketers don’t even consider…but one which has had excellent results for those who do it.


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