Sad FaceNot everything is going to go your way…right away

When you first started out trying to learn about internet marketing, I bet you thought you had the perfect plan.

I know I did. Just start a blog and put up some links to products and the money would come rolling in.

Then reality hits. Big fat goose eggs on your earnings stats. Day after day.

I know…I have been there. But you know what? Did I let that stop me? Did I let that make me give up?

Not on your life. I watched others, I learned what I didn’t know. I looked back to see what I was doing wrong and changed it.

I listened to what others were telling me…about what they did.

And most importantly I looked at what successful people do…not at what so-called experts kept telling me I should do.

You see, I have bought my fair share of the ‘make a thousand bucks in 24 hours’ type of ‘training’.

Did any of them do that?

No. Maybe it was me doing something wrong…but I don’t really think so. I think the sales pages just played to my ‘wants’. Of course I want to be able to do that. But do I really think it is that easy? No, I don’t.

You see, being able to replace the income from a job takes effort, time, and a plan.

Deep down I knew that all along…but

It wasn’t until I accepted that as fact and started to put in some real effort that I started to see some progress.

It was a little bit here and there to start with. Was it worth the effort I was putting in?

For me, yes. I knew if I kept on going it would lead to something bigger…eventually.

I kept telling myself that if I did nothing then in a year I would be in exactly the same place I was in now.

I kept learning, watching, applying…DOING.

Then this happened!





That was over a 24 hour period even though it is across 2 days. That is over $200 in 24 hours. That is what I have been striving for since I got started doing this.

Please do not think I am putting this here to brag or anything like that.

Far from it…I am not that type of person.

No, I am putting this here in the hopes that if you accept the fact that you will have to put in a bit of effort with your online business…

If you decide to stop chasing over-hyped promises…

If you treat your business like a business, and work on it…

Then you too can start to see days like this.

Do I expect to have days like this all the time?

Yes I do…eventually. I know I have a long way to go but…

If I keep going this is going to become more and more regular, and eventually the norm for me.

Every month so far this year my results have been better and better.

And I continue to put in the work, watch, learn, and apply.

You can too.

This may be small compared to what some of you make with your online businesses.

This also may be what you are aiming for if you are struggling right now.

All I can say is…

Never give up. All of your hard work and effort will pay off in the end.

Maybe slowly at first but it will grow and then surpass what you started out to achieve.

But only if you keep going.

Here’s to your success.


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