IM Checklist Volume 3 by Kevin Fahey – A Review


Social Media is a big part of almost everybody’s life these days it seems. People spend a lot of time on these various sites, and daily usage is increasing all the time.

It makes sense then, if you are a marketer, to have a solid presence on  as many of the popular sites as possible.

The problem (for me at least) is that all of the various social media sites work differently. They have different functions, different ways of posting, and different rules.

If I wanted to set up an account on every one of the popular sites right now, I would have to spend a lot of time learning how each of them works and how to get started on them.

This is where the power of copying someone else comes into play. Not copying exactly what they are doing, but copying each of the steps in the process of setting up an account and interacting on the major social media giants.

To me, it makes sense to use already proven methods to make my life easier. After all, why figure something out for yourself when someone has done all the ‘grunt’ work already?

Having a checklist would be great. You could just follow the points explained to you so you could be sure you have done everything correctly and not missed something out that could help you get better reach.

Having a checklist for all of the major social media sites would be even better then, wouldn’t it?

This is exactly what these 30 checklists are.


With these you will find out exactly how to:

  • Get set up and optimise your accounts on all of the top social media platforms.
  • Create highly engaging content that grabs people’s attention and forces them to interact with you.
  • Find and connect with the most active social media users in your niche who are looking for content like yours to share with their own followers.
  • Build those all important know, like and trust factors which lead to a ever growing email list, higher open rates, increased sales and more money in your bank!

Everything is cover from Facebook setup, YouTube set up, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram setup, as well as how to create killer content, use these platforms to build your list, gaining a following and connecting with the right people, and so much more.

In short, these will show you how to market effectively and make bank on all of the top social media sites in use right now.

Sounds like something that can help you out?

Then go take a look at these awesome checklist for yourself. Who knows, you might learn something and make a real difference in your marketing efforts (translated as ‘sales’) to boot.

IM Checklist Volume 3 lives here


That’s all for this one for now. I hope this helps you in your business, and here’s to your success.


P.S. Did I mention how these very same checklists are responsible for the creator’s extremely impressive results with his business? He has made 7 figures using these, and that is no joke!