niche marketingIs there one ‘best’ niche to market in?

How many times have you asked yourself that question? Did you ever find an answer?

If you have looked into niche marketing you will most likely have heard about the ‘big three’. These are the main niches that every marketer who has been around for a while will probably end up marketing in. So what are they?


This covers anything to do with money, whether that be making it, saving it, teaching others how to do the same, credit, mortgages, and so on. Wealth is a very broad topic but the reason it is considered one of the ‘big three’ by marketers is because there is no shortage of people willing to pay for something in this niche.

Think about it…everybody (or almost everybody) want to make more money, or they want to save more money. If you can show people how to do that (for a fee of course) you will have no end of potential customers to market to.


Like wealth, health has no end of people willing to pay in order to get what they want. Everybody wants to be healthy right? Again, this is a very broad niche, covering such things as fitness, weight loss, medical problems, food and diet, and more. If you, as a marketer, can provide a solution to a problem for someone, you can pretty much guarantee they will be willing to pay for it.


The last of the ‘big three’ has to do with something else everybody wants to have (do you spot a trend here)? The three examples of niches are things that pretty much everybody wants. We all want to be wealthy, healthy, and have someone to love. At least I do. This niche covers everything to do with love, romance, sex, and friendship. I am sure there are many other sub-niches I have missed but you get the point I hope.

So which is the best niche?

I would say…there isn’t one. Here is what I have seen in my time marketing online. Get ready and write this down.

“Any subject where there are people who have a problem and are willing to pay to solve it is a good niche”

Here are a few points to consider though. The problem area should be something that is not likely to disappear in the near future. Of course, you can still market to a problem area that is only temporary but that means the market opportunity will only be temporary too.

A problem that is likely to be around for a very long time is called ‘evergreen’. An evergreen niche is what you want to be looking for really. This means you can build authority in that niche over time which will help you to attract new customers continuously.

This doesn’t mean it needs to be a common problem area. There are many sub-niches (more specific areas within a main niche) where there is potential for sales. Think outside the box a bit but make sure there is demand for solutions to problems, and people paying for those solutions.

Look for areas where there is more than one solution to a problem. If you solve a problem completely on the first sale to a customer, that customer has no need to come back for more. Does that make sense? I hope so. There are many ways to make more money. Some people will try more than one. On the other hand, give someone a way to get rid of nail fungus (yuk) and once it is gone, so is the customer.

Where to go from here

Once you have chosen one of the big three to market to, you need to dig a little deeper and be more specific. There is too much competition marketing to people looking for more wealth, better health, or healthier relationships in general.

Better to pick a sub-niche such as ‘how to earn extra money by writing’, or ‘weight loss with body-weight exercises’. Market to people interested in sub-niches. The demand is still there but the competition is not as fierce.

Once you have picked a market, you will need to get yourself noticed.

One of the best ways to do that is to offer something for free (a lead magnet) in exchange for an email address. Once you have an email address you have a potential buyer that you can promote solutions to without having to go out and find them all over again. You also want to offer them valuable information for nothing as well as promoting offers if you want them to stick around. Nobody wants to be sold to all the time. Help and sell…do both.

You will need a series of emails to send to your new subscribers. The best way to do this is to put them into an autoresponder series so they get sent out at specific intervals after a sign-up for the free offer. You only need to load up the autoresponder once and it will be automated from there on out.

You will also need good solutions to market to your email list. No point getting subscribers and then trying to get them to buy something rubbish. They will be gone in a flash…along with your reputation.

This sounds like a lot of work…but it doesn’t have to be

In reality, it does take a lot of work to do all this. You need to write a lead magnet (like a free report) then you need to write a whole bunch of follow-up emails…and find good products to promote. I have done it and it is VERY time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all this done for you?

Today is your lucky day…you can.

One of the best niches to market to is the weight loss niche. People will spend big money to get the body of their dreams.

What if I told you there is a complete set up you can get that is already done for you? Would you be interested.

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You also get a high converting landing page to send people to so they will sign up for your offer, a thank-you page that you will promote a paid offer on, and a high quality download page all created for you.

What a time saver. I bet you think something like that would cost an arm and a leg to get right?

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Enjoy the time that this has just given you back.

Until next time,