email listBuilding An Email List

And why it is important

For many new internet marketers, the choice of methods of earning a living on-line can be overwhelming. There are so many systems promising untold riches at the touch of a mouse button out there that it can be very confusing as to which method to implement.

Take, for instance, selling on eBay, selling on Amazon, affiliate marketing selling either physical products, or digital information. Then there are the so called “one-click” software systems, promising millions in days for only “$27”. Yeah…right.

Consider then one of the most common methods for newbies…affiliate marketing. The general approach of those new to internet marketing would be to set up a blog with some product reviews on it, drive traffic to the reviews in the hopes of somebody clicking through and buying, then repeating the process.

The problem with this is, once the visitor, that you have worked so hard to get to your site leaves, you will probably never see them again. This means that you must continually drive new traffic to your site in order to continue to make commissions. ..and lots of traffic at that. The average click through rate for affiliate offers is around 2-3 percent, with only around 1 percent of those actually buying.

The idea of driving all this traffic, only to let them disappear off into the sunset once they leave your site, is one of the most common mistakes marketers make…even experienced marketers.

What if you could market to those same visitors over and over again, with fresh offers related to what they were searching for in the first place? Well, with an e-mail list you can. If you can persuade the visitor to leave their contact details somehow, you can then build up a relationship with them, so that they come to trust your judgement on the subject they are interested in. Once that relationship is established, you can offer them goods and services related to their wants and needs.

Did you notice I said “wants” and needs? It is another common mistake to try to offer subscribers what you think they need. It is well known in marketing circles that people will not often opt to buy what they need, but rather, what they “want“.

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